Infinite Allah

Infinite Allah released this killer promo 12" in '96 i guess. There are 3 Tracks "Open Your 3rd Eye", "Allahu Akbar" & "Angel Of Death". My favourite joint is "Open Your 3rd Eye", but "Angel Of Death" is also a nice one. Some tales from the streets in a conscious way! "Open Your 3rd Eye" uses the Beat from "Onyx - Last Dayz". The Sample from "Allahu Akbar" is famous, the original is "Les McCann - Go On And Cry" from 1974 (thanks to verge). We also heard Samples of this tune on "Cella Dwellas - Good Dwellas", "Dream Warriors - California Dreaming", "Lords of the Underground - No Pain", "X-Tra Pleza - I Can Feel Everything" and a few other joints.

Open Your 3rd Eye

Allahu Akbar

Angel Of Death

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verge hat gesagt…

The sample for Allah Hu Akbar is "Les McCann - Go On And Cry", also sampled by the Cella Dwellas.
And check this sample out for "Open Your 3rd Eye"-
It was used by Onyx for Last Dayz, but it was also used backwards by Pumpkinhead for 2nd Amendment.