Co-ill-ition Cartel (Coillition Cartel)

Coillition Cartel is a group straight out of Lefrak City aka Iraq (Corona, Queens NYC) and consists of the four members: Castro (aka Kastro / Kas), Mendoza (Mendosa), Midnight Blu & Shottie. Castro and Mendosa met Noreaga who was also living around the block and both had the chance to get a guest appearance on the track "Iraq (See The World)" on the C-N-N (Capone -N- Noreaga) - The War Report LP from 1997. After that Mendosa wanted to build his own group and he teamed up with the others and Coillition Cartel was born. They got signed to the label Divine Mill / Set It Off from Keir Gist (DJ Kay Gee from Naughty By Nature) and released the 12" Single "Hold The Block Down / Elements Of Iraq". Coillition Cartel released a few other joints, there are the two outstanding cuts "CWS (Civil War Saga)" and "Poison Fills da Mind", but i don't know in which format they were released, maybe they were not officially released. The Group is still makin music, also as solo artists. Let's talk about the "Hold The Block Down / Elements Of Iraq" Single: The four man army is spittin' some thug tales from the dark corners of Lefrak City and "Hold The Block Down" is definitely the winner on this wax, this cut comes with some front heavy strings and is highly recommended for all who enjoyed the C-N-N - War Report sound a la "T.O.N.Y.". On the B-Side we find the track "Elements Of Iraq" featuring Noreaga, the beat is provided with some guitar riffs, but this one can't match up with the other tune.

Co-ill-ition Cartel - Hold The Block Down / Elements Of Iraq 12" Single

Hold The Block Down

Elements Of Iraq

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Yo peace back bro! Thx for this moth*f*ckin* link. diggä da brauch ich ja jahre für :)Die Scheiße wird jetzt doll verbreitet!!! It'z so ill, like co-ill-ition.UNENDLICHER SHIT.Freu mich schon auf die älteren posts.Peace Out a.k.a. Keep on blazin'