"D.M.P. - Newark Hobbies" released on Major League Records in 1996 out of Newark NJ. D.M.P. stands for Double "M" Productions and on "Newark Hobbies" we have a female MC kickin some thug shit on a ill funky beat. There is only one joint on it, probably there should be one more track on it, cause there is a song listed called Freestylin' featuring Kyndred, but it's actual only the accapella of "Newark Hobbies". Produced by M.H. Maiied for Double "M" Productions and the Executive producer is Wakeem Way. Recorded by Jeff Chambers at Ironbound Sound Works. Jeff Chambers is a Engineer who worked on many great records.(Brothers Uv Da Blakmarket, East Flatbush Project, Candy Store, Mikey Dee, Technical, Govna Mattic,...)

Newark Hobbies


Hawkone hat gesagt…

damn this girl has some dope lines thanks man!
by the way great job with your blog keep it up, pzzz!

patrock hat gesagt…

peace hawkone, the first time listening to the record i don't really liked it a lot, it had to grow on me and now i like it! thank you for your feedback, i really appreciate that!

Johnny Markz hat gesagt…

nice, very nice