"Drama - It's A Party / D.R.A.M.A.", a 12" Single out of Philly released on Ill Skillz Entertainment in 1997. "It's A Party" is performed by Gran (Funky Uno) and produced by Ruggedness (from Ruggedness Maddrama), but not worth checking out. So let's get straight to the track "D.R.A.M.A.", this is a ill tune performed by Drama and produced by Moliere.



K-Funk hat gesagt…

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one big ass comment for all the posts you put so far!i'll spread the word about this blog and will check it frequently. peaaace!

Isako hat gesagt…

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patrock hat gesagt…

thank you k-funk and isako! i really appreciate your feedback! isako i already checked your blog before ;) you are presenting some dope slept on albums! peace