DJ Mil'O & Harlem High

DJ Mil'O & Harlem High are from Harlem / NYC. Harlem High is Chase (Charles Waters), Swayze (Combs), Big-Fru (Wilson) & Woozie Woozie (aka Woozie Wooz / Splak / Splakdavil, real name: Jermaine Jeffron Richardson). In 1998 they released a 12" Single on Slum Arts with the two tracks "You're Fakin' Jacks" feat. Chase & "We Laugh" feat. Harlem High. Expect some thug shit on here! i prefer "We Laugh", a nice dark posse cut. All tracks produced by DJ Mil'O for Blacklight Productions. Recorded at Pro Jam and mixed at Unique. Chase (Charles Waters) is part of the group Dangerouz Waters along with Jai-Hi. They released their debut single titled "NYCPD" in '98 on MCA Records followed by the 4 Track EP "Step In The Club" in '99 on Blackhorse Enterprise Records. In 1998 Woozie Woozie was also heard on a 12" Single together with Ced Gee (Ultramagnetic MC's) with the tune "Long Gev".

DJ Mil'O & Harlem High - You're Fakin' Jacks / We Laugh 12" Single

You're Fakin' Jacks

We Laugh


CrimeFamily hat gesagt…

thanks both tracks are good, we laugh is the winner though . peace.

Kizim hat gesagt…

Thanks again!

Marian Kipnis hat gesagt…

Dope, thanks.