D'Adore (R.Ray) is a female MC who released a mad dope 12" single on Queen Empire Records with the tracks "Flow Like A River", "Unda' Ground Radio" and the "Unda' Ground Radio (Phatful Mix)". There is no release date, but sounds like '95/'96. I don't know where she is from, but the booking number is located in philly..."Flow Like A River" and "Unda' Ground Radio" is produced by M. Jacobs, The Phatful mix is produced by D. Phatful & M. Jacobs. "Unda' Ground Radio" got two more MC's on the Mic: S. Horton & H. Walker.

Flow Like A River

Unda' Ground Radio

Unda' Ground Radio (Phatful Mix)


CrimeFamily hat gesagt…

yeahh, Flow Like A River is the winner here, sounds like a 94-95 joint dope flows and beat, Phatful Mix is nice also, thanks for sharing man..

patrock hat gesagt…

yessir, i also go with "Flow Like a River" as my favorite on this wax, followed by the regular mix of "Unda'Ground Radio"!

Hightower hat gesagt…

Wow! "Flow Like a River" is fire! Agree with CF.

jevdet hat gesagt…

What a return-with mega dope post-thank you !!!

Lady Crush hat gesagt…

I want to thank you all for the positive response on D'Adore and Flow Like A River! Please view more of my older and new music at: http://www.youtube.com/user/MCLadyCrush http://www.discogs.com/artist/D%27Adore
http://www.discogs.com/artist/Lady+Crush and https://soundcloud.com/lady-crush for a limited time. Thanks again!!- Lady Crush aka D'Adore

You may contact theoriginalladycrush@gmail for UK/US bookings/questions.