Rek Large

Rek Large (Robert Dixon) is a MC and Producer from Far Rockaway, Queens, NY. In 1993
he released a Demo Tape titled "Da Funky Casinova", written and produced by Rek Large. The tracklist on the tape shows 6 Tracks: "Snappin Nex", "Da Large One", "I Want Your Luv", "Bonus Track", "Check It out" and "My Way", sadly the B-side from my copy is overwritten and i can only present you the first 4 tracks. But check out what i found on the B-Side! "Snappin Nex" is mad dope and i am really curious about the other tracks, so if someone owns this tape, or Robert you are reading this, please contact me!

Snappin Nex

Da Large One

I Want Your Love

Bonus Track


CrimeFamily hat gesagt…

yo you are on a roll, some smooth joints on this tape, snappin nex & I want your luv are the illest, thanks again patrock. peace

Jaz hat gesagt…

wow, these are really ill, thank you Patrock and mad props for keeping this blog going.