Ruff Di-Mondz

Ruff Di-Mondz is a rap duo from Brooklyn, NY. The group is made up of the two female mc's Tiny and Trini. (from left to right on the picture)

They released one single in '94 on Pleasure Street Records with the two tracks "Off Mine" and "Powers In The P", which was available on vinyl and cassette with the catalog number PSR002.

Both tracks are dope! "Off Mine" is a ruff n rugged joint with a bit ragga toasting. "Powers In The P" got a nice party vibe and the Ruff Di-Mondz let the boys know how they roll when they get it on. But it's also addressed to the girls to fight for their sexual empowerment.

The tracks were produced by Ruff Di-Mondz and Shawn Robinson, with additional production by The Bluez Bruthas, which is the production team from Lord Digga and Norm Bates (R.I.P). Executive producers are Al McCarther Jr. and Red One. The songs were recorded at Firehouse Studio in NY, engineered and mixed by Ethan Ryman and Red One. They recorded more tracks as Ruff Di-Mondz, but the tracks were never released.

I was able to talk with Robyn (Tiny), she gave me a bit more info about the group and was so kind to give me the two unreleased tracks "2 Fa Ya Head" and "Raise Em Up" for your listening pleasure.

Tiny and Trini made music together since 1990, back then their group name was "Total Effect" and later they changed their name to Ruff Di-Mondz. The song "Grab The Mike" was released on a cassette sampler titled "New Music Nights Festival (Unsigned '92)". There is another record on Pleasure Street Records from 1992 by Pure Pleasure with the track 100° Fahrenheit, which was also produced by Al McCarther Jr. and Red One.

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