NYRU - 95 Live / Gotstaripit / Bootleggers 12" is a dope promo single out of Silver Spring, Maryland. Released on Dapper Entertainment in 1995. NYRU is a two man crew with the two MC's: Six and Jett. All tracks are written & produced by NYRU for NYRU 4 Life Productions. Recorded and mixed at D2E Funklab and engineered by Terry "Squirl" Lewis. "95 Live" & "Gotstaripit" are two smooth funky tunes with a bit singing on it and "Bootleggers" featuring the S.U.K.'S (Black Raven, Day Jahvu & Lord Black Coon) comes a bit harder and rougher. I like all three joints, but "Bootleggers" is the bomb! NYRU released another track called "Gat Grabber" which is also worth checking out.

95 Live




Jaz hat gesagt…

Dope, I enjoyed this one, thanks for sharing.

Hightower hat gesagt…

Damn Patrock....Thanks for showing us that dope wax. "Bootleggers" is the track for sure!

CrimeFamily hat gesagt…

the whole wax is dope no doubt, but the Bootleggers track is on anotha level. thansks for the gems bro,. your work is appreciated.