Lil Joon / Don Complete

"Lil Joon / Don Complete 6 Track Split EP", this one came out 1996 on A.T.B.(Around The Back) Recordings NYC. All Tracks are produced by Carlo & Kev. Lil Joon already released a 12" on the same label back in '94 with a joint called "Life", which one was also produced by Carlo & Kev. After this one he came with these 3 Tunes: "Universal Struggle", "Thru Da Years" & "Make Da Paper Flip" featuring Shorty Black. On the other side we have the Don Complete with the tracks "Brown Goddess", "The Host" & "For Da Grip". Some nice thug shit on both sides!

Universal Struggle

Thru Da Years

Make Da Paper Flip

Brown Goddess

The Host

For Da Grip

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Brown Goddess track is excelent,