Lil Sprout & Big Rob

Lil Sprout & Big Rob, i guess this duo is from Hempstead Long Island NYC, but there is also a Baltimore MD connection. Lil Sprout (aka Gargamel, real name Kwesi Awai) is the rapper and Big Rob is producing the beats, Lil Sprout names his crew Buffallo Soldiers. They released two Singles, in 1994 they released their first Single "Flowing / I Can Turn It Out" on Phase 2 Records Baltimore, MD. "Flowing" comes in the original version and with a remix, same with "I Can Turn It Out", on the end we have a short outro with some shout outs. The two versions of "Flowing" are slightly different and comes with a female chorus from Kadijah L. Sengova. "I Can Turn It Out" is the winner for me and i like both versions of it. All tracks produced by Big Rob, executive producer is Robert C. Stoddart also mixed by Robert C. Stoddart and recorded at Phase 2 Studio. All scratches by Mark B. In 1996 they followed with their second 12" Single titled "Treason" released on Uprising Records, Hempstead Long Island, NYC. Lil Sprout has a nice voice and serves us here some lyrical gourmet and Big Rob is on the production and he is killing it with these dope beats. The beats are dark, ruff and just ill, sometimes with a jazzy flavour. All four cuts are amazing boom bap! besides the main title "Treason" which comes in a Original Mix and Remix, we also have "Mental Stress" & "Hard Core". All Tracks are produced by Big Rob and mixed by Big Rob & Lil Sprout. Recorded at Phase 2 Studio and mastered by Duncan Stanbury at Master Cutting Room. Lil Sprout gives a shout out to C. Boogie Brown and The Leaders Of The New School.

Flowing (Remix)

Flowing (Original)

I Can Turn It Out (Original)

I Can Turn It Out (Remix)


Treason (Original)

Treason (Remix)

Mental Stress

Hard Core


Jaz hat gesagt…

Nice, thanks for sharing, love your blog, keep up the great work.

verge hat gesagt…

Oh shit!! I knew I recognized some of the lyrics from Treason, but couldn't place it.
But the remix, when the sample comes in near the hook, damn! I had this on tape back in the day and loved it.
Thank you for this one.

CrimeFamily hat gesagt…

thanks again for the gems,

verge hat gesagt…

That's funny, man. I was listening to the Treason Remix again today in my whip on the way home from work.
That sample that comes in after a while is just crazy dope to me.
I can't get enough of it.

I must have had it on tape for only a week or two, but talked about it for years and always remembered the hook. It was definitely from either an Awesome Two show or Hank Love and Half Pint show.

For this other record, I'm feeling the remix version of I Can Turn It Out the most. The beat on the outro i wish they did a song to. Dope.
Thanks again and again and again.

Hawkone hat gesagt…

Lil sprout released another record under the name "zartan" on "step to this records" back in 1997....."Zartan - Krack 12" def hard to get!