"R.I.P - Player Till I Die / N.Y.C., The Money and The Murder", a 12" Single out of Queens NYC released on Life Or Death Records in 1995. I don`t like the Track "Player Till I Die", so let's take a main focus on "N.Y.C., The Money and The Murder". This is a sure shot, some grimey thug shit! Featuring S.N.M., Lifestyle Livers & Poorboys From Hell. It's written by G. Dacres, A. Grasham, Omari Rosarion, R. Flower, D. Smith & C. Preston. Produced by P. Armstrong (Nines and The Vests Publishing) and co-produced by D. Smith (Operation Killer Bee Publishing). The Executive Producers are D. Smith, B. Hatcher & J. Clarke. Mixed and recorded at Digital Damage Studios by Shawn "Da" Beats.

N.Y.C., The Money and The Murder

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