F.O.E.SL (Ill Monkey Millisha)

F.O.E.SL (aka Ill Monkey Millisha) is a group from Worcester, Boston MA. The Group consists of the following Militia Soldiers: Doc Zhivago (CPR), Ramatut The Pharoah, Magnus Christ, Race Born Allah, Jet Brillante, Ensubar Nur, Omega 7, Frank Dynasty, Sgt. Asiia & Saints Of Purgatory. In 1999 they released a 4 Track EP on Psalms:151 Records, F.O.E.SL Entertainment. The EP include the tracks "Seventh Hill Division", "Blood In The Face", "Energy Fight" & "W.O.R.C." (We Out Rockin Crews). The Style of F.O.E.SL range from conscious to thug rap. My favourite tune is "Energy Fight"! The EP was produced by Chaps (DJ Chaps) a Producer & DJ from Boston MA, who also produced the Illegal Bastardz - Soon To Blow 12" on IB'Z Entertainment in 1998.

Seventh Hill Division

Blood In The Face

Energy Fight


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verge hat gesagt…

Whoa.. Ill Monkey Millisha..Hahaa
What a great, name, logo, and record.
Thanks for uploading this. I never would have known about this one.
Also gotta thank Jaz for telling about this blog.