Tromma Mobb

"Tromma Mobb - Ghetto Heaven / Typical Niggaz", a 12" Single from 1994 released on Low Profile Records out of Irvington, NJ. Performed by Knowledge, Storm & Dj Tragic (E. Simms, A. Brown & J. Johnson). Let's forget the A-Side, cause it's all about the B-Side "Typical Niggaz", a nice jersey representer! Produced by Otis Brown Jr. for OTB Productions, Music by T. Harris. Engineered by Jeff Chambers and recorded at Ironbound Sound Works Newark, NJ.

Typical Niggaz

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Just wanted to leave a small comment on your post as I have another 12" record produced and performed by Otis Brown,Jr but this time in 1980. This one is effectively from the Funk side of the Music. It was called "Strut on". Yours is not that bad even if I'm not particularly attracted by the 90's Rap style.

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