Rebel Union

Rebel Union is a group out of Philly, which consists of the members The Over Lord Imhotep (Marcel Melvin), Rakim The Holder Of The Key, God Musin, Lord Blam Bruce, Supreme Karim, Enigmatic Sabree, Lajrox & Kaleem. They are supporter of the Five Percent Nation & Nation Of Islam. In 1995 they released on Rebel Records the single "Bring Your Whole Squad / I'm All Black" avaiable as 12" Single and cassette Single. "Bring Your Whole Squad" is my favourite cut! Produced by All-Eye-Seeing Productions and recorded and mixed at Blackhouse Studios. Executive Producer Rakim The Holder Of The Key.

Rebel Union - Bring Your Whole Squad / I'm All Black (Cassette Single)

Bring Your Whole Squad

I'm All Black


tape maniak hat gesagt…

I was so lucky to get 2 copies of this killer.Nice blog anyway.

All the Best

patrock hat gesagt…

wow the first comment :) thank you! yes, the rebel union 12" is a really dope one, "bring your whole squad" is a killer!

Jaz hat gesagt…

dope and this how a blog should be done, I'm going to spread the word about this blog, thanks for sharing patrock.

patrock hat gesagt…

jaz, thank you for all your comments, i really appreciate the feedback! peace