Ghetto Inmates

"Ghetto Inmates - Some Straight Out The Crib Shit", this small EP was released in 1998 and comes straight from the Lower East Side, NYC and i guess this is their debut. I am not sure about the members, the current members are Raze, Tru-Life, Bad News & Seven Dirty. I don`t know if this was the same set up of the crew in the early days, but Raze was definitely there. We have the short intro "Observation" and the 4 tracks "The 6 Way", "Ghetto Inmates", "R.B.I. (Real Bad Injuries)" & "Rumor Is...". Raze & Co. are spittin some thug shit on dope beats. My favourite tunes are "The 6 Way", "Ghetto Inmates" & "R.B.I. (Real Bad Injuries)".

This EP came with a sticker

Intro Observation

The 6 Way

Ghetto Inmates

R.B.I. (Real Bad Injuries)

Rumor Is...


Jaz hat gesagt…

another dope one, thanks for sharing patrock

verge hat gesagt…

Ghetto Inmates is my joint here.
Thanks for all the dope uploads, Patrock.

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