KNOW Respect

KNOW Respect is a group out of Baltimore, MD. I am not sure about the members, there is DJ Hollow Tip and 2 MC's (Human T. & Hollow?) rhyming, but it seems to me that DJ Hollow Tip is also on the microphone. KNOW Respect released a cassette single in 1994 titled "Dead Society", i never saw it as a Vinyl 12” Single. The Titletrack "Dead Society" comes in a main and remix version, the main version got a dirty and clean mix, the clean mix got a different intro. There is also a bonus beat on it. "Dead Society" is a nice joint about the life in the streets. Written by KNOW Respect, produced by Dj Hollow Tip and recorded at Hard Knox Studios Baltimore, MD. Production arrangement by Stanley Newsome III, executive producer is Lloyd Stanton (Honey Bee Records) and associate producer is D.J. Junnie "P" of E.A.(II Fresh Productions). DJ Hollow Tip produced later in 1997 for the group L.M.S. and a single in 1999 for the two L.M.S. members Blax & Erik Nell.

KNOW Respect - Dead Society (Cassette Single)

Dead Society (Radio)

Dead Society (Album)

Dead Society (Remix)


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