The Don Blaq Project

"The Don Blaq Project", Don Blaq from Trenton New Jersey is the man behind this project. I am not sure about his discography, but i know there are some other joints from him and he is still makin music. In 1999 he released a 12" Single on My People Entertainment with the 3 tracks "Toy Soldiers", "High Performance" & "Rise Or Fall". All 3 cuts are some nice late 90s thug rap about the hustle in the streets of Trenton. On "Toy Soldiers" is a second MC (K. Alexander) rhyming, but i don't know his artist name. "High Performance" is a Don Blaq solo joint and on "Rise Or Fall" he also gets support on the hook from another MC (K. Vaughn). All songs produced by Derrick Johnson & Cyrus Bey, Executive Producers are Isacc "Ikeboogie" Ewell, Shawn "Cope" Copeland & Robert "Robbies-Styles" Sumners. Engineered by Deuce at Ironbound Recording Studio NJ.

The Don Blaq Project - Toy Soldiers 12"

Toy Soldiers

High Performance

Rise Or Fall

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