Lo Life

"Lo Life" is a duo out of Brooklyn, NYC and is made up of the two members Kadaflo & Ba Dubb. They released a 12" Single on Overit Multimedia with the two tracks "Lo Lifes Are Lo" and "No Weak Signs". I don't know when it was released, but seems to be some some late 90s ish, i guess '97/'98. Both cuts produced and mixed by Rich Blak from the Beatminerz, he also made some dope beats for Smif-N-Wessun, Finsta Bundy, Shadez Of Brooklyn, Snake aka Bo-Constricta, Pitch Black & Masterminds. Productions assisted by E.Swift and Max. Recorded at D&D Studios and Firehouse Studios NYC. Mixed at Firehouse Studios NYC and mastered at Hit Factory NYC by David Radin. Engineered by Carlos Bess (aka C12), a well known producer and engineer, who was the chief mix engineer for most of the Wu-Tang Clan records. He also produced one of the most haunted records "One Deep - Crime Stories" and worked for many other great artists (Live Wirez, Down & Dirty, Prophesy, Innersoul, Mastermind (D.Propser), Sandinistas, Big Punisher, U-God, Shabazz The Disciple, Brother Most, 5one6, Cracker Jax, Raidermen, Kwest Tha Madd Lad, Bush Babees, L-Swift, Chino XL...). Both cuts are really nice, some thug shit on smooth beats, "Lo Lifes Are Lo" is a bit darker than "No Weak Signs".

Lo Life - Lo Lifes Are Lo / No Weak Signs 12"

Lo Lifes Are Lo

No Weak Signs


CrimeFamily hat gesagt…

i am impressed by the heat you dropin here, once again i feel both tracks, as u said "Lo Lifes Are Lo" is slightly darker, the mc's are dope. well produced 12 overal, props for sharing, peace

Hightower hat gesagt…

A saw that '12 on bay and said damn a nice wax right here...know you present it. C. Bess and the half work is done.

serch4beatz hat gesagt…

sheeeit i fell in love with "lo lifes are lo" ..now to find a copy!

patrock hat gesagt…

thank you guys! yeah, i love this wax too! yo s4b thank you for stop by, i let you know when i spot another copy!