"F13" is from Baltimore and released the Cassette Single "Coon From Tha Moon / Baby Shine" on New Era Entertainment in 1996. Both tracks are produced by F13 and recorded at Toyz Recording Studios in Baltimore, MD. I only like "Coon From Tha Moon". It's a crazy tune, F13 got some funny voice switches.

F13 - Coon From Tha Moon / Baby Shine (Cassette Single)

Coon From Tha Moon


CrimeFamily hat gesagt…

i actualy dig this track, thanks for sharing!

verge hat gesagt…

Yeah, I just came back to this one.
Dope shit.
Patrock, where you at bro??!!

answersyt hat gesagt…

The tracks were featured on their self titled 1997 EP and they credit the producer as Kid Nice Tha Butcher!!!