Rhythm Radicals

"Rhythm Radicals" is a 2 Man Crew from Philly and consists of the 2 Brothers Michael Johnson & Kevin Johnson. In 1988 they released their first 12" Single "Dig The Move" and they followed with the two 12" Singles "Brother To Brother / We’re On A Mission" and "Know Who Your Enemy Is" in 1990. They also planned to put out an Album in 1990 called "Tales From The Darkside", but it got never released. In 1992 they dropped "Put Our Thing Down / Heed The Word" on Big Records. "Put Our Thing Down" is a funky dance track with the advice to have safer sex and comes in 2 versions. "Heed The Word" is more kind of a conscious pro-black tune and also appears in 2 Versions. Both cuts produced by the Rhythm Radicals themself.

Rhythm Radicals - Put Our Thing Down / Heed The Word 12"

Put Our Thing Down (Radio Mix)

Put Our Thing Down (Club Mix)

Heed The Word (Radio Mix)

Heed The Word (Club Mix)


CrimeFamily hat gesagt…

"Heed The Word" is my winner here, thanks, as always dope post my friend, keep it up.

aREAL hat gesagt…

Thanks a lot man! My joint is the "Put Our Thing Down".

Reminds me of Sha'Dasious, did they have any connection?

Again, props for sharing!