Urban Assault

"Urban Assault" is a group from Philly and the members are called ADX, DJ Schredder & Trig. They put out a 12" Single on Sweet Rose Records in 1993 titled "IZZOVZ4DEMNIGGAZ" with the 2 tracks "Let It Rip" & "Comin Off Smoove". I prefer "Let It Rip", a nice tune with some ragga toasting. Contains a nice placed "Das Efx - Mic Checka" Sample. Produced by James (Trig) Rosseau and Executive Producer is King Vee. Engineered by David Bellochia, recorded and mixed at Marion Studio NJ. "Comin Off Smoove" comes with some female singing from Reekie Davis (just another case of a female singer ruins the song?) and additional vocals from MC Smooth Gangsta. Produced by Rick (Brain) Lewis and Co-Produced by Andre Collins. Executive Producers are Andre Collins, Hassan Mcaliley & King Vee. Engineered by Rick (Brain) Lewis and Recorded and mixed at Third Story Studio PA.

Urban Assault - Let It Rip / Comin Off Smoove 12"

Let It Rip

Comin Off Smoove


CrimeFamily hat gesagt…

thanks for sharing, not fun of 1990-1993 music of that time, but this is dope, i actualy dig stuff from 94-98, but for some reason i can't download it?

aREAL hat gesagt…

Damn, I so love the "Let It Rip". Millions of thanks, imma bump this a lot!!

verge hat gesagt…

I'm diggin the "Comin Off Smoove" joint.