Warheads is a crew from Brooklyn NY, i am not sure about the members. There are five people involved in this project, we have D. Dargan, S. Murphy (maybe the producer Staf 27 ?), N. McCollin, A. Mardin & K. Bumford. In 1996 they releaesd "I Declare War / Trapped In The Rap Game" on War Drumm Records avaiable as CD Single and 12" Vinyl Single. But this is not really their first record, three of the members (D. Dargan, S. Murphy & N. McCollin) already released in 1993 under the name "Ill Rec Spark" a 12" single titled "Smokin Tha Peacepipe / Guilty In The First Degree", also released on War Drumms Records. On "I Declare War (The Declaration Of War)" we have only one of the MC's rhyming and on "Trapped In The Rap Game" the whole bunch is on the mic. Both tracks are really dope, i would say straight '96! "Trapped In The Rap Game" reminds a bit on some Heltah Skeltah - Nocturnal ish. All songs produced by Staf 27, recorded and mixed by Staf 27 and Super Dave at Infinity Studios.

Warheads - I Declare War / Trapped In The Rap Game (CD Single)

I Declare War

Trapped In The Rap Game


verge hat gesagt…

Wow. I don't know where you come up with these records, man. This blog is
heavenly for the mid 90's indy heads.

I never even heard of this crew in my life and they're dope. Both songs are killer.
I definitely can hear the Heltah Skeltah comparison on the second track. I think I like that one just a little better then the first.
Great post. Props and thanks.

ral278 hat gesagt…

totally agree with verge! u got stuff in here I really never heard before and more than that it's pure fire!
thanx for sharin those jewlz!

Marian hat gesagt…
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CrimeFamily hat gesagt…

Wow man, tight uploads. the "I Declare War" is sick, love the beat, keep em dropin, thanks

esteban hat gesagt…

word. this is mad fresh. thanks man... really appreciate all these records your posting here.

patrock hat gesagt…

peace fellas, welcome esteban and ral278 nice to have you here! verge and crimefamily thank you for coming around regularly and always leaving comments. i can't decide which joint i like more, both are are mad dope! btw deerhunta got a copy of the warheads (12" vinyl single) for trade, contact him if you need that wax.

crimefamily, you are ogdonninja?

CrimeFamily hat gesagt…