Tast Of Blood

Tast Of Blood (name could be also wickid minded, cause they mention it very often...)is a crew from Baltimore, MD. The members are The Red Skull, Chaos, The Profecy, K'Gi'otix, Kahana The Butcher, Garfeild & Corn Dog Karupt. They released in 1995 a 12" Single, or call it EP with an intro and the tracks "Tast Of Blood", "Live And Let Live", "Weed Fine Free Style" and two skits between the tracks. Produced by C.D. Karupt And The Wickid Squad, Executive Producers are Garfeild & Corn Dog. Recorded, mixed & engineered by Mike Gillispe. I only like the joint "Tast Of Blood", a bit horrorcore style, comes dark with a voice choir sample and got a simple low budget production and maybe someone also likes the cut "Live And Let Live".

Tast Of Blood - Untitled EP

Tast Of Blood

Live And Let Live


CrimeFamily hat gesagt…

Definetly feeling the "tast of blood" sounds kinda strange, thanks again for bringin those gems for us,

Kizim hat gesagt…

May be I'm crazy, but I reeeaaally like a chorus of 'Live And Let Live', but the full track I didn't feel. 'Tast Of Blood' is a grim track, beats are dark, as I like. Thanks for sharin'!

godmc hat gesagt…

great post! "tast of blood" is the winner here for me - dope. thanks for sharing.

schenectadyfan hat gesagt…

wow, dope stuff. thanks!

would it be possible to get the other tracks too ?