Mic Murderers

Mic Murderers is a group from Reading, PA and consists of the three members D. Mc Farland, W. Brown & M. Williams. In 1997 they released their first and only 12" single on Mic Murderers Records with the two tracks "Mic Murderers" and "Macroencephalitis". All songs written, produced & arranged by Mic Murderers. Recorded at Hideaway Studios and mixed by Kevin Young "Kurve" and Mic Murderers. I prefer the joint "Mic Murderers", got a nice beat, just a basic average one like thousands, but still really dope and effective, fits good with the lyrics. "Macroencephalitis" is also nice, got a heavy abstract production. They also recorded an album, but it never saw the light of day, let's hope it will surface one day (thanks to soopacee for the additional info).

Mic Murderers - Mic Murderers / Macroencephalitis 12"

Mic Murderers



CrimeFamily hat gesagt…

The "Mic Murderers" track is dope as hell, the first dude reminds me of rza, the beat is ok, overall enjoyable track, thanks for sharing. peace

verge hat gesagt…

Yeah man, both of these are pretty decent. Thanks again.

Kizim hat gesagt…
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Hightower hat gesagt…

Def. a solid wax. My Fav. "Mic Murderers".
Mad props Patrock! You can still surprise someone.