Redd Bull

Redd Bull is a female MC from Philly and she is down with the Ruggedness Fam. She released two records on Kixx Records, the first one is a 12" single from 1994 with the three tracks "Rude Girl", "Bring On Da Bull" & "Ghetto Illusion", the second one is the "Raindrops" Ep from 1996. Let's take a closer look on her debut single, all three tracks are mad dope, but i like "Bring On Da Bull" the most, the beat is just amazing! "Rude Girl" featuring guest rhymes from Ruggedness (from Ruggedness Madddrama) and "Ghetto Illusion" got a bit ragga toasting on it and uses the same sample we also heard on "Tribal Move - Lost In The Dark" from the 10 Deep Compilation. All tracks produced by Super T and Ruggedness, Executive Producers are Tab Edwards & Keith Davis. All tracks written by Redd Bull & Ruggedness, "Ghetto Illusion" is also written by Super T. All additional vocals from Ruggedness & Chink (aka Ruggedness Madddrama), Darkman (Lyrical Terrorists), Chuck-E aka Daddy-C & Super T. Recorded and engineered at Silicon Chip by Christian Barth. Tab Edwards label Kixx Records is still active but the best stuff were released in the early days of the label from '93 to `96. The first Kixx Records release was the Ruggedness Madddrama debut single from 1993: Ruggedn'ess & Madd Drama - Big Boyz / Comin At Cha 12", besides the Redd Bull tunes there was also Ital The Ruffian who released "The Enemy" Ep in 1995 and the album "Workaholic" in 1997.

Redd Bull - Rude Girl / Bring On Da Bull / Ghetto Illusion 12"

Rude Girl

Bring On Da Bull

Ghetto Illusion


tape maniak hat gesagt…

Both joints "Bring On Da Bull" & "Ghetto Illusion" are razors. Nice up, im not a big fan of Redd Bull, but this 12'' it`s cool.

CrimeFamily hat gesagt…

Bring On Da Bull tracks is so smooth man love it, thanks

BYL hat gesagt…

love this record... if im not mistaken didnt i get my copy of the raindrops ep in a trade with you?

K-Funk hat gesagt…

shieeeeeet. didn't heard this before!

dude ur collection is mad sick and i hope everyone is appreciating what you doing.

keep drop the madness on us! peace.

verge hat gesagt…

Before I listened and just read that it was a female emcee, I was a little skeptical, to be honest. But, nah, this record is pretty good.

The beats are on point.
For "Bring On Da Bull", they use
the same sample as on Masta Ace's
"Brooklyn Battles". But they add
some nice horns on this, dope.
Anyone who don't know that Masta
Ace track, you really should check
it here:

"Ghetto Illusion" is the other
track I'm feeling on this. They use
the same Hall And Oates sample as
Grand Puba's OG mix of Mind Your
There was another 'obscure' release
that used this sample, too, but I
can't remember right now.

Anyways, thanks again for sharing!
Good vibes, holmes.