Lac Rippa / Scrooge

Lac Rippa / Scrooge, i guess this duo is from Brooklyn / Staten Island, New York. In 1995 they released a 12" single with the two tracks "Let's Get It On" & "Concrete Jungle" on Mentally Disturbed East West. I like both joints, both are smooth and raw, on "Concrete Jungle" we get some stories from da concrete jungle NYC on a smooth mellow beat and "Let's Get It On" is a ill tune with short singing parts on the hook. All tracks produced by Russel Pressley for Russ Press Productions. Russel Pressley (aka Russ Press / Russ Prez) is a Wu-Tang affiliated producer and also made beats for Trigga (No Tomorrow), KGB (Heads on & Journey Thru Hell), Killarmy (Last Poet on the album Dirty Weaponry), Deadly Venoms (Pockets Stay Deeply, One More To Go, Counterfeiters & Formulate on the album Antidote), MMO (Kinda Hard / Spit Liquids 12"), Hot Butter (A Jazzy Rhyme 12" and a few tracks on their album A New Chamber).

Lac Rippa / Scrooge - Let's Get It On / Concrete Jungle 12"

Let's Get It On

Concrete Jungle


CrimeFamily hat gesagt…

dope upload, Concrete Jungle is a winner here, thanks for sharing, peace

ral278 hat gesagt…

co-signwit CrimeFam! "concrete j." is a damn smooth joint and my winner too!

Marian hat gesagt…

Great rare wax, thanks!! My favourite joint on it is ''Let's Get It On'', but other track is also great!

Hightower hat gesagt…

Hmmm....Actually that wax don't snatched me yet, but that can change hearing serval times :)

I like the spit of concrete jungle. In my opinion the beat could be lil' bit ruffer and darker.


verge hat gesagt…

Dopeness, once again. That Concrete
Jungle uses the same bass line as
"Trife Life" from Mobb Deep's
Infamous album.
Also, I believe the sample on the intro is from a Gil Scott Heron record, Bridges.
"Let's Get It On" is pretty decent, too.
Thanks for sharing, Patrock!