Dahru is a crew from Connecticut, in 1997 they released the single "My Home / Connecticut" on Drop Zone Records, avaiable as 12" single and CD single. Maybe they released a record before this one on the same label, cause this wax has the catalog number DZ02, so there should be another release with the catalog number DZ01. If it's not from Dahru, it could be from another artist, would be interesting to know more about this one..."My Home" is written by Scott Mayo, Pierre Jaboin, Leroy Casey & Joe Lewis, two of them are the artists Twist Da Marksman & J-Nub. "Connecticut"
is written by Scott Mayo & Pierre Jaboin. Both tunes are produced by Scott Mayo (Mayo-Naze Music). Both joints are dope, "My Home" is a bouncy banger and "Connecticut" is a damn smooth jazzy tune. In 1998 they had the track "Shoti" on a Compilation called "Lyrical Assassins" (Underground Hip-Hop Compilation) on Thump Street Records. "Shoti" was also produced by Scott Mayo.

Dahru - My Home / Connecticut 12"

My Home



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Thanks, great post!! I very appreciate your work and wish all the best to you in 2010 year!

CrimeFamily hat gesagt…

Wow, both tracks are dope, as alwasy droping only the best, u got mad taste patrock, peace

Hightower hat gesagt…

Well, a fresh wax right here. Both tracks are great.. Conneticut is a damn smoov joint! jus sit back a relax....

Aight Pat, once again with a surprise!! :)