peace fam! this blog is still a newborn baby and about 3 months old, but i am very glad that a lot of people enjoyed this blog and coming around regularly. thank you for leaving comments and for all the kind words about this blog that i received through the comments, messages & emails. please keep on visiting this blog weekly for fresh updates, enjoy the new post and maybe this will be not the last one for this year...
i wish all my readers and all the blogs with the dope shit merry christmas and a happy new year!




Marian hat gesagt…
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Jaz hat gesagt…

Thanks for the dope obscure music Patrock, really appreciate it.

Merry Christmas and see you in 2010

CrimeFamily hat gesagt…

well this was my favorite blog this year, plenty of dope obscure records you showed us, appreciate it homie, marry christmas and a happy new year.

verge hat gesagt…

Happy holidays and all that, Patrock.
Seriously, it's mad appreciated everything you bring on this blog.
You're good people. Have a good, blessed holidays, you and yours.