T-Flawless (aka The Lyrical Attorney, real name: Troy Gandy) is a MC from NYC. He was first heard on an EP togehter with DJ Joint (James Gilliard) & DJ NelNyce (Nelson Quinones) titled: DJ Joint & DJ NelNyce introducing: T-Flawless (The Lyrical Attorney) - Limited Edition EP, released on Funky James Records in 1998. This EP has the 4 Tracks "Untouchable Flow", "Introduction", "Latoya '98" (feat. Wenona Wyche) & "Lyrical Attorney". My favourite tracks are "Untouchable Flow" and "Introduction". "Untouchable Flow" is such a fresh joint, i love it and on "Introduction" you can also hear DJ Joint and NelNyce on the Mic. All tracks produced & mixed by DJ Joint for Soul King Communications, except "Lyrical Attorney" which was produced by DJ NelNyce for Chaos Kydz Productions.
Recorded at Pro Jam, NYC and engineered & mastered by Peter Moshay at A-Pawling Sound Studio. Executive Producer is Nelson Quinones.

Untouchable Flow



CrimeFamily hat gesagt…

Dope Indie, i like the "Introduction" track, it's more darker, the second is dope too, thanks for sharing

verge hat gesagt…

Nice, word. I'm definitely digging
this record. Both of these joints
are pretty great.

On first listen, I'm also going
with "The Introduction".

The other bangs too, though.
From the beginning, how that sample
changes up...dope!

Great one again. Thanks for
sharing the heroin as usual.

K-Funk hat gesagt…

ha, i'm diggin every record...i have no ideea where you got all these records but your a genius for dropping this...GOOD TASTE MAN!!!

noreal hat gesagt…

nice stuff here, peace out!