D-Law & The Bounty Hunters / A.K. Serious

D-Law & The Bounty Hunters and A.K. Serious are from Hartford / Connecticut. Their first release on Mad Man Recordings was a 12" single with the track "The Gutta" and they also released a cassette EP called "Touch Bottom" in 1994 on the same label. This tape has the 6 cuts "Bounty Season", "Nuff Respect", "Stop Bitch'n", "Touch Bottom", "Pot Hoes" & "The Gutta (Remix)". All songs written by D-Law and A.K. Serious. Produced by Boileroom Productions. Some dope stuff, i like all tracks, but "Nuff Respect" is my shit and i really dig the production on "Pot Hoes"!

D-Law and The Bounty Hunters feat. A.K. Serious - Touch Bottom Cassette EP

Bounty Season

Nuff Respect

Stop Bitch'n

Touch Bottom

Pot Hoes

The Gutta (Remix)


aREAL hat gesagt…

Really dope tape. Feeling every track on it! Thank you for sharing it.

Marian Kipnis hat gesagt…

Dooope!! Thanks!

schenectadyfan hat gesagt…

Wow, great tape. Props on digging up the obscure stuff!

verge hat gesagt…

PATROCK!! Whats good man.
Thanks for this one, I agree with Nuff Respect being the winner here. I like that The Gutta Remix, too.
Thanks for comin through.

Thurge hat gesagt…

I used to get my hair cut by AK serious. Two friends of mine were trying to be the producers/agents for D-Law and the Bounty Hunters. I had a flashback and googled them and found your page. This is live I'm at work so I can't listen but I remember the gutta was going to be their big hit. They performed it live at Southern CT State University. I was there part of the "entourage" this brings back memories. Thanks...