Little Egypt

Little Egypt (aka L.E. Apostles) is a group from Brooklyn, NY. The members are Visual Poetics (aka Joe Steele, DJ Technique), Forge, Taajwar, Bravestar and Khordz (aka Khordz-255). The original crew setup included two more members: Diop (aka Tacuma-Diop) and Spex. Here a picture of the original crew, left to right: Diop, Brave, Forge, Khordz, Spex, Taajwar & Visual

The group was founded in 1993/1994 by Visual Poetics and in 1995 the group attracts some more attention by a bigger audience performing in legendary spots like The Nuyorican Poets Cafe (NYC), SOBs (NYC) and State of the Union (DC). Visual Poetics is the main producer of the group and also CEO of their independent record label East Park Inc. Khordz-255 is the second producer and also rapper. Little Egypt’s lyrics content has a conscious attitude and range from political to conspiracy theories, but they are also reporting the street life. In 2000 they released their debut single on East Park Inc. with the three tracks “Sunrise”, “Heroes” and “Just For The Record II” available as 12” single and CD single. All three joints are dope! In 2002 they released their first album “Straight Out The Sands” (CD only), a really great album, also includes the tracks from their debut single, except “Heroes” which could be only found on the single. Their second Album, which is actually more an EP “The Crown Heights Affair” followed in 2006. It’s a concept album with guest productions from Chubb Rock on “The Far East” and "Be About It", these along with “Conspiracy Theory” and “The Heist: Casablanca” are the outstanding tracks on this release.

Little Egypt - Sunrise 12" single

came with a stickercover



Just For The Record II

There is a video for the track "Prisoner"


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Thanks for another one, man! I wonder if the guy you mentioned, Spex, is the same one from this bobbito demo:

If so, maybe we could get a real copy of this demo. Shit's great. He says 98 in the beginning, but it's from probably 95.

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And the one dude from this reminds me a LOT of J Treds, but it definitely isn't. Not his style of subject matter.
Good shit, though.

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Wow, long time ago i was searching for any info about underground crew who gave feat on Polish producer track. And finally after few years i looked again and... voila Thank You!

Emade - Yes Yall feat. Little Egypt