Rickochet / Rickochet Mob

Rickochet / Rickochet Mob is a crew from Jamaica / Queens, NY. In 1992 they released a 12" single on Rickochet Records with the track "Gotta Have Money" feat. Big Cee. A really dope cut! Produced by Will Slayer & Rickochet Rick for Rickochet Productions, Lyrics by Cee Williams. Music by: G. "Slayer" Gomez and Rick Strickland, mixed by Class & Doctor Def, engineered by Doctor Def. Executive producer is R. Strickland and M.C. Delite, recorded and mixed at Lil Rascals Studios. There is a second 12" single on Rickochet Records from '94 with the 2 tracks "Another Dead Nigga In The Street" and "You Can Get The Finger" (2 versions). I prefer "Another Dead Nigga In The Street"! the other track is also nice, comes hardcore, but the female chorus is just waste. Produced by Gold Finger for Rickochet Productions, recorded at Tin Pan Alley Studio, mixed at Power Play Studio, executive producer is R. Strickland. Lyrics by R. Strickland, F. Robinsons, J. Bryant and D. West. First i thought there is Jam (aka Jam D.O.T. / Jam Da Original Trooper, real name James Bryant) on the record, cause there is a J. Bryant at the lyric credits and one MC is sounding a bit like him on both tracks and the fact that are both from Queens and the "Jam - Soul Search'n' / Like This" 12" was recorded at Lil Rascals Studios and mixed by Doc like the "Gotta Have Money" 12" and the clue that there is a Rickochet shout out on the track "Queens" from the Survival Series - 11355 split EP, these details made me think about it, but i asked him and he told me he has nothing to do with it.

Rickochet Mob - Gotta Have Money 12" single

Gotta Have Money

Rickochet - Another Dead Nigga In The Street / You Can Get The Finger 12" Single

Another Dead Nigga In The Street

You Can Get The Finger

You Can Get The Finger (Off The Head Flow)


CrimeFamily hat gesagt…

Gotta Have Money. love that sample. Another Dead Nigga In The Street, that some dope cut, thanks for sharing, peace

verge hat gesagt…

Nice! I kept going through two of the JAM Dot singles to try to remember where I heard that Ricochet shout out but couldn't find it. Sorry for not getting back to you but I wanted to have an answer.
"Another Dead Nigga In The Street" is my fav here so far, even though I love that YZ sample they used on "Gotta Have Money":
The beat on this YZ sounds so PRT but that would be because of the Tony D production. NJ in the house.

But, beware there are men in thongs in this video, wtf? I dunno, things were different back then but I still remember thinking wtf at this video even back then. Classic song though.
Thanks Patrock.

Jaz hat gesagt…

This is dope thanks a lot Patrock.

Johnny hat gesagt…