Ill-Ko Illy-I

Ill-Ko & Illy-I, i guess they are from New Jersey or NYC. In 1999 they released a 12" single with the three tracks "Illy-I", "Sun City" and "Big Shots" on Heavy Hittas Entertainment and it is the first release on this label. It seems there are more MC's than Ill-Ko & Illy-I on the Mic, Skeme and Ill Rob? My favourite track is "Big Shots", got a smooth hypnotic beat! "Sun City" got a nice bassline and the hook reminds me a bit on some Cypress Hill ish. "Illy-I" comes with some singing parts and got some westcoast flava.

Ill-Ko Illy-I - Illy-I / Sun City / Big Shots 12" single


Sun City

Big Shots


verge hat gesagt…

Word, definitely liking Big shots the most here. He does mention Brick city so I'm gonna guess they're from Newark NJ.
Thanks for this PatRock!

ral278 hat gesagt…

co-sign with Verge's statement - big shots is the winner on this. thanks for sharin this obscure wax!

Plamen hat gesagt…

naaaah the winner is Sun City.

KIZ-ONE hat gesagt…

whatz good, this is KIZ-ONZ from Kansas city, Mo.Just wanted to give a little bit info on the ill ko vinyl.
the group is from Kansas city, mo. there are members from Jersey, and the east coast. I used to be their Dj here in Kansas city. the tracks were produced by SG. the groups members are: Rob dollas, skeme and Finese. they put out another cd about 2 or so years after this 12inch. As of right now i don't think you can get the cd, but that might change. If you want to hear some other tracks you can hit me up as i have a few that weren't relesed. kizone(at)gmail(dot)com

patrock hat gesagt…

yo KIZ-ONE thanks for stopping by and giving some info! this is how it should be done! check your email! peace