D. Prosper aka Mastermind

D. Prosper aka Mastermind (real name: Derick Prosper)is a MC, Producer and A&R from Providence, Rhode Island, NY.

In 1996 he released his first 12" single "The Adventures Of Mastermind" on Brainchild Entertainment with the three tracks "Karma", "Autobiography Of A Bad MC" and "Ambulance Ride". But there was also a Cassette EP Version of it with the additional tracks: "Psalms for Pearl", a skit titled M.A.S.T.E.R. and an Intro. All three joints from the single are mad dope and it's hard to choose a favourite, for me it's "Karma" followed by "Ambulance Ride". "Psalms for Pearl" is just a short track, dedicated to DJ Pearl (R.I.P.). All Songs produced by Avatar and Mastermind for Blowing Up Rhode Island Productions. Mixed by Carlos Bess and Derick Prosper at Firehouse Studios, mastered by Tony Dawsey. The whole Project is dedicated to Wayne "DJ Pearl" Baptista! "The Adventures Of Mastermind" single and EP were both
distributed through Fatbeats. In 1997 he released his second single on Brainchild Entertainment with "Waited All My Life" and "Hip Hop Heads", again all tracks dope, but the B-Side track "Hip Hop Heads" is the Winner for me! "Waited All My Life" is written and produced by D. Prosper for Nile Music, recorded at Unique Studios NY, Mastered by Tony Dawsey at Masterdisc NY, engineered by Carlos Bess, mixed by Carlos Bess & Derick Prosper. "Hip Hop Heads" produced by Avatar and Mastermind for Brainchild INC, recorded at Unique Studios, scratches by Dj Finesse. There is a second pressing from the Waited All My Life / Hip Hop Heads 12" on Griotchild Entertainment, there is no difference than the label logo, also got the same catalog number. In 1999 D. Prosper produced the track "Mr. Nigga" for Mos Def from the classic Rawkus Album "Black On Both Sides" and in 2004 "Paychecks" for the Theodore Unit (Cappadonna, Ghostface Killah, Du-Lilz, Kryme Life, Shawn Wigs, Solomon Childs, Sun God, Trife Da God) from the Album "718" and avaiable as 12" single. He was the former G Unit / Interscope Records Director of A&R and worked for 50 Cent, Young Buck, Llyod Banks, Tony Yayo and Mobb Deep on their Albums on G-Unit and also did some other A&R jobs for Dead Prez, Hi-Tek... 2010 he is back on the mic with D. Prosper Presents Project A.T.O.M. (Advanced Thoughts of Mastermind)! This is a Sci-Fi Hip Hop Project supported and vouched retweeted by Erykah Badu, Talib Kweli, Sway (MTV, half of the duo Sway & King Tech), Jay Electronica, Dj Green Lantern, Pharoah Monch, Dream Hampton, Hexmurdah, Angela Yee, etc...The LP is coming soon and in the meantime check out "Merkabah" the first released track from Project A.T.O.M.
D. Prosper is now partner/owner in Ankh Marketing a creative company that develops intellectual properties that integrate education, Technology, and culture. Their clients are NASA space station, Live Nation, Another Planet, AEG, Obscura digital, Apple inc, Google, etc...Avatar is now a Teacher and Dj Finesse can be found spinnin Parties all around the globe. He is also the offical Bad Boy Records Dj for Tours / Events.

Mastermind - The Adventures Of Mastermind Cassette Ep 1996

Autobiography Of A Bad MC


Ambulance Ride

Mastermind - The Adventures Of Mastermind

Waited All My Life / Hip Hop Heads 12" single

Waited All My Life

Hip Hop Heads

D. Prosper Presents Project A.T.O.M. - Merkabah


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Anonym hat gesagt…

"Hip Hop Heads" is very nice, thanks for showing

Marian hat gesagt…

Thank you !!!! How long I waited to listed '96 promo ! Much aprecciated !!!

ral278 hat gesagt…

psalms for pearls is da shit! mad props for upping these joints!!!

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Hightower hat gesagt…

I like both vinyls. The Adventures Of Mastermind EP is top-notch! Big Up for the Tape Version. The pic is crazy *ha ha*. Karma is my winner too...
Thanks Patrock!

verge hat gesagt…

Oh snap, I didn't notice you had upped the other track too, now I get to peep "psalms for pearls", too, word! Before hearing that one, I'm going with Karma as my favorite here.
I've never seen that cassette cover and it's pretty great, thanks! I believe I seen another 12 from him on an orange or reddish looking label, but that was probably the vinyl version of this?

I always knew about the Hip Hop Heads record, I think my boy had it or maybe even I did. Lol.. I now only have the misprint that says "griotchild" on it. Great joint, though. I love the flow when he says, "front like you 'nicer', funny lookin 'sheister', all I need is is one rhyme to kick ya ass out this rhyme 'cypher'", just always struck me as funny.

Shit, I'm even liking that youtube clip of the newer ish. Thanks!

You always bring much more than a download here and I appreciate it.
All the scans and extra info, very good work as always. Props and cheers.

patrock hat gesagt…

peace fam! thanks for the comments and welcome Johnny Markz! @verge: yeah that must be the karma 12" no doubt. yes i am feelin the new joint "Merkabah" too, i was really surprised how dope it is and pleased by the subject! now i am looking forward the Project A.T.O.M. LP gets released! thanks for the love and support! 1

boom hat gesagt…

yo patrock you made my day wit this join. hiphop heads is fresh. thanks for the knowledge. peace.