MC Shan

I guess yall know about the legendary MC Shan…

MC Shan (Shawn Moltke) is a rapper and producer from Queensbridge, NY.

He is the cousin from Marley Marl (DJ and Producer) and was member of the famous Juice Crew along with Marley Marl, Mr Magic, Roxanne Shante, Kool G. Rap & DJ Polo, Craig G., Big Daddy Kane, Masta Ace, Biz Markie, MC Percy (Intelligent Hoodlum, Tragedy Khadafi) and don't forget about TJ Swan, the Genius (GZA) and Grand Daddy I.U. They released many dope records on the label Cold Chillin'...

Shan dissed LL Cool J on "Beat Biter" for stealing the Beat from "Marley Marl Scratch" for his "Rock The Bells". Another historic moment was the beef between the Juice Crew and Boogie Down Productions that started with the track "The Bridge"...

Here is a selected overview of his albums, singles and appearances. For complete discography have a look at discogs

"Down by Law" 1987
"Born to Be Wild" 1988
"Play It Again, Shan" 1990

Marley Marl featuring MC Shan – Marley Marl Scratch 12” 1985
MC Shan – Feed The World 12” 1985
MC Shan – Jane, Stop This Crazy Thing / Cocaine 12” 1986
MC Shan - Beat Biter / The Bridge 12” 1986
MC Shan featuring T.J. Swan – Left Me Lonely 12” 1987
MC Shan – Down By Law (Remix) / Down By Law 12” 1987
MC Shan – Down By Law / Project Hoe 12” 1988
MC Shan - I Pioneered This 12” 1988
MC Shan - A Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Waste 12” 1988
MC Shan - Juice Crew Law / They Used To Do It In The Park 12” 1989
MC Shan - Ain't It Good To You / Death Was Quite A Surprise 12” 1990
MC Shan - Time For Us To Defend Ourselves / Even If I Tore It 12” 1990
MC Shan - I Don’t Mean A Thing / I Ran The Game 12” 1990
MC Shan – Kill That Noise / I Ran The Game 12” 1990
MC Shan - Pee-Nile Reunion / Don't Call It A Comeback 12” 1993
MC Shan - Hip Hop Roughneck / Watchin' My Style 12” 1993
MC Shan featuring Michael Myers - Shan & The Queens Connect / MC's Freeze 12” 1998
MC Shan - The Bridge / The Bridge 2000 featuring Iman Thug & Tragedy 12” 1998

Spoonie Gee – That's My Style / I'll Serve You Right / Take It Off 12” 1986
Juice Crew All Stars – Evolution / Juice Crew All Stars 12” 1987
"Freedom" from Marley Marl – In Control Volume 1 1988
In 1993 he produced for the ragga rapper Snow for his first album some tracks and helped out with some rhymes ("Informer")...
"Line Of Fire" featuring Krs-One, Ras Kass, Godsons, FT, Bamboo, Feel-X and Sinz Of Reality on the Domingo Compilation presents Behind The Doors Of The 13th Floor from 1999.
"You Love To Hear The Stories" from Screwball on the album "Y2K" from 2000
QB Finest (Cormega, Nature, Capone, Marley Marl, Millenium Thug, Mobb Deep, Nas, Tragedy Khadafi) - "Da Bridge 2001" 2000

In the mid 90s (could be ’96 based on the run out groove etchings) he released a promo EP pressed in very limited quantities on MC Shan Music Inc. This EP contains the 5 tracks: "To Thy Be Done (Feat. Kork Screw)", "Get Your Groove On", "Key To Lock", "Woman Of The Decade (Feat. Snow, Muriel Fowler, Lady Ann)" and "6 Ft. Underground". For me it's all about "6 Ft. Underground" on this wax, followed by "Key To Lock"! The whole EP is produced by Shan himself togehter with MIT (?).

Key To Lock

6 Ft. Underground


CrimeFamily hat gesagt…

6 Ft. Underground is the winner, beat is off the hook, thanks for the rips. PZ

verge hat gesagt…

Wow, never knew this shit existed, good find. Definitely gonna agree with CF and pick 6 Ft Underground as the better joint. Thanks Patrock!

jevdet hat gesagt…

Would you please share and other 3 tracks of this gem!!!This ep is AMAZING.PZ

Bankrupt Europeans hat gesagt…

AMzing, SHan is my all time hero didnt know about the EP!! Subscribe! Respect!

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