"Revelation" is a group from Portsmouth, Virginia. The crew consists of: Mack-Ski (Calvin Macklin), Eclipse (Eric Hudson) and M3X (R. Lewis).

In 1997 they released a 5 track EP titled "How Would I..." on Red Eye Entertainment. I have the CD version and i don't know if it was released in any other format.

1.How Would I...(Kick It If I Could)
2.Revelation Now
3.Talk Over
4.Life Sentence
5.Critical Thought

I don't have much to tell, they serve us some dope conscious hip hop here and "Revelation Now" and "Critical Thought" are my favorite tunes on this EP! The track "How Would I..." is written by C. Macklin, E. Hudson & R. Lewis and got additional Vocals by The Traveler Extreme. Produced by Eclipse who used a sample from the 1976 song "Girl, I Think The World About You" by the "Commodores". De La Soul used the same sample for the track "Buddy" which was also on their debut album "3 Feet High And Rising" from 1989. "Revelation Now" is written by C. Macklin, E. Hudson & R. Lewis and produced by Mack-Ski. "Talk Over" is a interlude with some shout outs, vocals by M3X. "Life Sentence" is written by E. Hudson, R. Lewis & C. Macklin and produced by Mack-Ski. "Critical Thought" is written by R. Lewis, C. Macklin & E. Hudson and produced by Eclipse. All tracks recorded and mixed by Pete Haynes and Joe City at Third Eye Studio. Published by Stephia Alexander Music. I got no further information about the group, besides they are down with the "Boogiemonsters" and they advertised their forthcoming album titled "Hip Hop", but i guess it never saw the light of day. Based on the tracks from their EP, i am really curious about the other joints from the album.

How Would I...
Revelation Now
Life Sentence
Critical Thought


CrimeFamily hat gesagt…

Thanks man, keep this blog alive :)

Evil Mule hat gesagt…

Welcome back Patrock and a big thanks for this one.

verge hat gesagt…

Word thanks for this! That Commodores sample was also used for Premier/Gotham Kidz - Here I Come.

That track and Revelation Now are my favorite two so far, would def like to hear the LP. Thanks.

patrock hat gesagt…

thanks for still checking out this spot my loyal comrades! yo verge thanks for the info about the other tracks with the sample, "Buddy" was the first who came to my mind :) PEACE