Gee Rock

2013 is the year Gee Rock announced the "Urban Legendary Project (The Legacy)"! In plain terms that means this year he is 35 years active in the Hip Hop Culture! It's long overdue to take a closer look at the legendary Gee Rock! I contacted him and interviewed him, or more precisely we had a conversation through the past months and the following text is the essence which focus on his Biography and Discography.

Gee Rock (Derek Simmons) was born March 28, 1963 in Summit, New Jersey.

He is mainly known as a MC, Producer and DJ, but he is representing all Elements of Hip Hop and also got his roots in Breakdancing and Graffiti. His love for music started at an young age, especially funk music from the 70s got his attention, Bands like Parliament, Funkadelic, James Brown, Kool & The Gang,...
His passion for the Hip Hop Culture started In 1978 while he was visiting a private school together with his cousin in Los Angeles, CA. He started dancing and practiced the dance styles Popping and Locking and the robotic style. A year later he went to Plainfield, NJ and finally moved to Newark.
It was at the end of 1979 after he was listening to "Kurtis Blow – Christmas Rappin", he decided to write his first rhyme to the instrumental, it was called the "Universal Rap". Afterwards he wanted to produce his own beats and bought a Boss Dr. Rhythm Drumcomputer, soon after he extended his first setup with a Casio SK-1 sampling keyboard to add more content to his beats. He focused on making music and he got more professional with producing beats. Through the years he had all major samplers and drum machines, like Akai MPC 60 / 3000 / 2000, Emu SP 12 /1200, Ensoniq ASR-10, Casio RZ-1 and all Drum machines from Roland, Korg and Alesis...he changed his gear every year.
In 1982 he formed the duo "Too Dangerous" together with Dj Johnny Dangerous (Johnny Holiday). A bit later a second rapper named MC S Dee (David Lamar) joined the group for about 2 years who then enlisted in the army. They recorded "Rock The Beat" and "We Like Percussion" (feat. S Dee) in 1982 and "It's Just A Groove" in 1984 at the Studio from Vaughan Mason (Vaughan Mason & The Crew / Raze). Dj Johnny Dangerous later left the group and was replaced by DJ Treacherous D (Arnold Durant). They got a record deal at Big House Records in 1985 and released their only 12" single with the two tracks "Danger Zone" and "Rock On" in 1988, they pressed only 300 copies, which makes it a sought after record now.

They were also working on an album which was never released due to a management change of the label. Only 6 testpresses were made of the album, but unfortunatley these got lost. Besides "Danger Zone" and "Rock On" there was the very first version of "The Concept Might Break You" on it along with tracks like "Devotion", "Go", "In Love", "Groove To Get Down" and "No Drugs Allowed". Too Dangerous was managed through the Famous Artists agency and was on a major tour in 1989 with the Famous Artists roster (BDP, MC Shan, ATCQ,...) 

(click on the picture to enlarge and see the full roster)


Too Dangerous on Tour

After the tour DJ Treacherous D left the group and DJ Haste Precision (Ezekiel Washington) became the final DJ of the duo and in 1990 Too Dangerous disbanded.

It's Just A Groove

Danger Zone

Rock On

The Concept Might Break You

In 1987 he met the female singer Crystal at Big House Studio, while she was looking for a deal. She already had a record out as "Silver Star" with the 12" single "Eei Eei O" in 1982 on Enjoy Records. Crystal and Derek formed the production company "CND Productions", this is where the three letters "CND" are originally coming from. They were together off and on for about 5 years and they recorded a lot of songs together, which unfortunatley got lost forever. After they parted he kept the name and started recruiting artists. From now on his name was followed by an attachment: "The CND Coalition" (before also known as the "The Rock On Posse"). "CND" stands now for "Creating New Dimensions" and "The Coalition" consists of a bunch of artists he worked with, first was N.I.G. Dee soon after came Skee Love (aka Earl Jonez) and then the first lady Quannie Quan (aka Treazure), followed by a whole host of others which turned up: Lord Money Green, Skully (aka Boss Man), Sarge Roc, Da Mad Artist (aka Showtyme), Punkincee, JaJa Binx and Tamika Scott. Today he names Lakim Shabazz and Percee P. as honorary members. Another longtime close comrade on his side was Tonski-Spies (aka Tony Arafat) from the "Rescue One Posse". In 1993 he founded "Force One Networkz" and his label "Force One Records" and he released on his new born label his first solo album "Strait Outta Jerzee". He only made a few copies on cassette and it even came without a J-Card.


Strait Outta Jerzee
Pass Da Props
Future Of Da Funk
Follow For Now
It's Like Dat (feat. Punkincee)
This Is A Recording (feat. Da Mad Artist)
Flippin Da Hip Hop (feat. Sarge Roc)
Do Or Die (feat. Skully, Skee Love, Yaskills)
Can I Get A Hey
Da Concept Might Break You
We Got It Going On

there are actually two more tracks on it which don't appear on the printed tracklist of the tape: "Whats Up Wit Dat" (feat. Daddy Dee) and "Accapella Thang" (feat. Tonski-Spies, Rig.X & N.I.G. Dee). "Can I Get A Hey" is mislabeled and is "Can I Pick It Up" featuring Waz Most (Boom Skwad), Skully, Black Six (aka Java Da Ancient) and DJ E.Z. Money on the scratches.Yaskills on the track "Do Or Die" later changed his name to "Nocturnal", we know him from the Hit Squad (guest features on PMD – "Never Watered Down" & "Knick Knack Part 2", EPMD – "Dungeon Master", Das EFX – "Someone Told Me"...).

Side 1

Side 2

the provided "Strait Outta Jerzee" soundfiles are not from the cassette version and "Do Or Die" and "Da Concept Might Break You" are not included!

In '93 he co-produced the debut album for "Tonski-Spies" titled "Werewolf Personality", a 8 tracks strong tape only release on Rescue One Records. In the same year he created the character "Baby Boy" with a pitched up voice to spruce up and heat up some funky joints.
A year later in 1994 he released "Da Funkee E.P.", which was a tape only release again with the 4 tracks: "Follow For Now" (different version than the one on "Strait Outta Jerzee") , "Tha Concept Might Break You", "Universal" and "Sway To Tha F.U.N.K".

Follow For Now / Tha Concept Might Break You

Universal / Sway To The F.U.N.K.

In the same year he handled the production for Skee Love's debut 12" single with the 2 tracks  "Higher" and "Gangster Syndrom" and the debut EP from Quannie Quan titled "Every Which Way But Soft", he had a guest appearance on the track "Straight Off Da Dome", but the EP is unfortunatley unreleased. His third tape release "Sway To Tha Funk" is from 1995 and comes with two tracks and two skits: "Sway To The Funk" (different version as on Da Funkee E.P.), "Insanity" (Skit), "Can I Break Em Off" and "Universal" (Skit). The scratches and cuts were done by Dj Treacherous D and E.Z. Money.

Sway To The Funk / Insanity

Can I Break Em Off / Universal

Here we have the two dope unreleased joints "Bussin Shotz" and "Deadliest Venom" from '95.

Bussin Shotz

Deadliest Venom

From '96 - '98 he was part of the Kevin Kieth & Dirty Dozen Radio Show on 105.9 f.m. W.N.W.K. (formerly W.H.B.I.). Kevin hired him to join the Show after an interview in '95 while he was working on the "Untouchable" project. The tracks of the project are "Untouchable", "Funkdafied Soul" (feat. Skee Love), "House Of The Rising Storm", "Mic Contact" and "Live From The Bricks" which features besides Skully and Kimo, the well known Tame One from the Boom Skwad / Artifacts! The Project was then only released through airplay on the show. He was too busy with the Radio Show and other upcoming projects to give the "The Untouchable" a proper release.


Funkdafied Soul

House Of The Risin Storm

Mic Contact

Live From The Bricks

In his radio days in '96 he also teamed up with J-Force for a dope collabo track titled "Underground Ikonz". J-Force released two dope classic underground singles: Bull's Eye 12" (1995) and "For All Thoze / Runnin' On E" 12" (1996) with Marley Marl involved.

Underground Ikonz

1996 was a very productive year, he produced for Skee Love the "Funkdafied Soul" EP, a tape only release with the 3 tracks: "Funkdafied Soul", "The Concept Might Break You" and "Higher". Skee Love asked Gee Rock to do his own version of "The Concept Might Break You", cause it always was a favorite tune from him. He did the production of the debut EP from Brown Hornet & The Stinga titled "Long Overdue". Gee Rock and Mis Fit appeared on the track "Freestyle Fanatics", Brown Hornet & The Stinga later changed their name to Left Hook Right Hand. Brown Hornet aka Double O appeared with guest features on two Redman albums on the tracks "Cloze Ya Doorz" and "Bricks Two". Also he produced the split vinyl EP from N.I.G. Dee and Tonski-Spies in '96 released on Rescue One Records. The track "Rough And Rugged" from the EP is featuring Gee Rock, Tonski-Spies and RJ (aka R-Sun from Native Trinity). Native Trinity already had a dope 12" single out in '94 titled "Laws Of The Land / Check It Out".
Here we have two another dope unreleased tracks from '96 called "For The Braincellz" (feat. Franky 2 Backs & Stroke One) "Brickz Brigade" (feat. Case Da Champ, Waz Most, Quannie Quan & Stroke One)

For The Braincellz

Brickz Brigade

In 1997 he released a split vinyl EP together with the jersey rapper Tru on Force One Records. Many years later Tru released his first album "Ins-Tru-Mentals".


Word Is Bond
Sway To The (F.U.N.K.)
Constant Elevation

Edge Of Insanity
Keep Your Eyes Open
Trick Or Treat

In '97 he also recorded "Sign Of The Time"* (feat. RJ of Native Trinity) and "Freestyle Fellowship" (feat. Napps, Mr. Kind, Egypt,  & Quannie Quan) but again these dope tracks are unreleased.
* In 2006 he made the remix Sign of the Timez (feat. Lakim Shabaaz, Prince Allah).

Sign Of The Time

Freestyle Fellowship

In 1998 he released his third album "Phuturfunkaristik" on cassette through Force One Recordingz.


Word Iz Bond
Hollywood Swinga
360 Degreez
Constant Elevation
It's Like That Y'all (feat. Quannie Quan)
Go Off
Summa Uv 79
Krazy 8 (feat. Skee Love, Flo Joe, Treazure, Mytee G. Poetic, Salahudin)
Right & Exact
Tumblin Down

Word Iz Bond
Constant Elevation

Summa Uv 79
Krazy 8

Right & Exact

Tumblin Down

He rereleased this album later in 2006 as Phuturfunkaristik 2000 XL with a altered tracklist.
Mytee G. Poetic who appeared on the track "Krazy 8" also had some dope 12” singles in the 90s: "Com’n Wit Nuff Ruffness / Brick City Blues" (1994), "Com’n Wit Nuff Ruffness / Listen To The Lyrics" (1995) and "Discovery Zone / Ghetto Journalism" (1996).
In ’98 he produced the track "Stick And Move" for Nig Dee which was available on the Various Artists compilation CD ‎"Insomniac Magazine Presents: Can't Sleep On The Streets".
Around 2000 he stepped into film making and made 4 movies: "Place To Be", "A Man Called Steel", "The Get Together" and "Phone Tap". "Place To Be" is a Hip Hop film and he also produced the soundtrack with various artists. "A Man Called Steel" was in many film festivals, including Tribeca. "The Get Together" was a comedy movie.
In 2002 he produced the album "Ghetto Child" for N.I.G. Dee. A few copies were pressed on tape, but it was never released.
In 2003 he met Percee P through Quannie and Percee put him up on myspace and another productive era began.

The Place to Be Soundtrack:

Throw Your Hands - Treazure
Question Of Truth - Gee Rock
The Legends Are Comin – True School All Stars
How Many Mcees - Clapp 2000 (Al B Dog)
This Is How It Should Be Done... – The Coalition
Everlasting – Gee Rock, Lakim Shabbazz
Ghetto Vibe – Earl Jones
Ghetto Hot - JaJa Binx, Gee Rock
I'm Back – Nig Dee
Tryin To Get A Deal - JaJa Binx
Sign Of The Time – Gee Rock, Lakim Shabbazz
CND Anthem - Earl Jones
Stretchin Out – Gee Rock, Treazure, Tamika
The Big Payback - Gee Rock, Earl Jones
Wewannaparty - Force One Pham
Hip Hop In The Place To Be... - Curtise, Gee Rock
Freestyle Flow – Earl Jones, Abry (aka Braby Face of Native Trinity), Gee Rock

In 2006 he released another Soundtrack: Force One Networkz presents: Street Life (Inspired By The Underground Hit Film “The Game Is Dead”)

Ready To Lose - Abrey Dewan
Code Of The Streets - JaJaBinx & Gee Rock
Everything Must Change - Lord Money Green
Street Life - Treazure & Tamika Scott
A Fool And His Money - Bumpy Johnson
Insanity (Skit) - Gee Rock
Ghetto Child - N.I.G. Dee
Tha Dream (Skit) - Earl Jonez
No Drugs Allowed - Gee Rock

Here are all other releases he did:

Return Uv Tha Funky EP II (2006)

Tha Birth of Hip Hop
At tha Jam Uv tha Mic
Back in tha Daze
Hollywood Swinga
Let Yourself Go
Sign of the Timez (2006 Remix) (feat. Lakim Shabaaz, Prince Allah)
Tha Realness

Brick City Breaks VOL.1 -10 (2007)

The Funky EP XXL (2007)

Hip Hop Prelude
Tha Dope Skit XXL (feat. A-Form, Maddfiles)
Aint Nobody Hot XXL
Constant Elevation XXL
Thuggin Is Over XXL
Hollywood Swinga XXL
Goldfinga XXL
Let Yourself Go XXL
No Drugs Allowed XXL
Cypha Royal XXL (feat. Mel Official, Percee P, Lakim Shabaaz, Jace The Great, Treazure)
So True XXL (feat. Jameek Karriem)
Still Dont Stop XXL
Summa Uv 79 XXL
Aint Nuthin Like It (Hip Hop) XXL

Various Artists - 100 Degreez Deep Vol.1 (2008)

Y'all Dont Want None - Left Hook Right Hand
Give Em What They Want - Mel Official
Here Undaground - Gee Rock & Tha CND Coalition
Lets Do It - Musik G & The UGA Musik G & The Underground Army
Man to Praise - Percee P
This Is for the Streets - Franky 2 Bax
Blowin Up - Bombchelle
Today - Arkivez
Chin Check - DJ Ray Swift
Jerz State of Mind - E-Illa
Lovesoul - Jameek Karriem & Wizdom God
Hip Hop Holy Wars - LinQue
What Else Can I Say - Gee Rock & Tha CND Coalition
The Struggle - Bombchelle
Since I Found You - Apollo
My Fam - Xavier & Lavaryl
Last of the Greats - Percee P
Taking It Back - Tru
A Form of Expression - A Form
Here We Come - Gee Rock & Tha CND Coalition

Various Artists - 100 Degreez Deep Vol.2 (2009)

3 Dahardway (PROMO) - Gee Rock, Percee P, Lakim Shabazz
Darkdayzbrightnightz - Jameek Karriem / Wisdomgod
On And On - Early to Rise (Vince Cruz)
White Girl - Bombchelle
IM Gone PT.1 - Roc Apollo
Hip Hop - Jukstapose & Seb Zero
Chinese Skillz - Har-Q
In Case You Forgot - Gruff Rhino, DJ Porno
No Fear - Born Supreme
Control - Jameek Karriem
Tha Realness (Jazz Remix) - Gee Rock
Examples - Roc Apollo

The Funky EP XXXL (F-1 Anthology) (2009)

Let The Attack Begin (skit)
One Two (prelude)
Triple Feature (promo) (feat. Percee P, Lakim Shabazz)
I Am Hip Hop (Album Mix)
Let Yourself Go (Remix)
Watch Your Step
Equality (Hip Hop) (feat. Reggie Reg (The Legendary Crash Crew)
Truth Be Told
One Two (Feat. Percee P)
Constant Elevation (Xxxl Remix)
Everlasting (2006 Remix) (feat. Lakim Shabazz)
Thisizhowitshouldbedone (feat. Robbie Rock, Booski, Lakim Shabazz, Treazure)
Funky Freestyle (feat. Skee Love)
Ghetto Hot (feat. JaJa Binx)
Here Undaground
Here We Come
Undaground Ikonz (feat. J-Force)
Cypha Royale (feat. Mel Official, Percee P, Lakim Shabazz, Jace The Great, Treazure)
Live From The Bricks (feat. Tame One, Skully & Kimo)
Code Of The Street (feat. JaJa Binx)
Sign Of The Timez (feat. Lakim Shabazz & Prince Allah)
Qwestion Of Truth
The Big Payback (feat. Skee Love)
The Legends Are Comin (feat. Robbie Rock, Waterbed Kev, Booski)
What Else Can I Say
Aint Nuthin Like It (Remix)

and last but not least here are some more artists he worked with through the years:

45 King, Apache, Awesome Two (Special K, Teddy Ted), A-FS 201-973, A.C. The P.D., Bryce Snow, Big Seven, Big Jeff, Treach (Naughty By Nature), Chill Rob G,Dj Baron, Dj Champagne, Dj Mecca, Dotta Rock (Fantastic Five), Doc Strange, Flavor Unit, Furious Five, George Clinton (Parliament / Funkadelic), Gunsmoke, Hunter Hayes, Jam Master Jay, Jesaka Saylove, Kool Keith, Kurt Nice, Lord Yoda, Mr. Funky (Lords of The Underground), MC War Flattop, Phaceizdaname, Pure Dynamite, Pow Wow, Queen Latifah, Rodney C (Funky Four +1 ), Super Lover Cee, Split Personality, Steven Washington (Slave), Viola, Wendy Day,...

check out the Gee Rock foto gallery here

A big THANK YOU to Derek for making this possible. He plans to rerelease all his music and also some dope wax is coming soon through a new hot label ;)



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