Rhyme Poetic Mafia

Rhyme Poetic Mafia is a gangster rap group from Los Angeles, formed in 1988 and consists of the rapper Powerlord Jel (Marlowe Bates) and the DJ, Producer and Actor The Ring Leader DJ Ace (Richard Ascencio).

They are affiliated with Ice-T's Rhyme $yndicate and the South Central Cartel / Murder Squad. In 1991 Rhyme Poetic Mafia called attention for the first time on the "South Central Cartel" debut album "South Central Madness". DJ Ace produced the title track "South Central Madness" and features Jel on the lyrics. DJ Ace also did the scratches on "Neighborhood Jacka" and "Ya Getz Clowned". In 1993 they were signed to Giant Records and released their single "Comin' Thru Your Neighborhood", which was available as 12" single and CD single. In the same year they recorded their debut album "Reign Of Terror", but unfortunatley due to problems with the label the album was never officially released and only a few promo tape copies were made.

Reign Of Terror

Lock Down
Low Down Mission

The Man That I Am
Never Fuck Around (Wit A Loco)
Born Wit Badness
Comin' Thru Your Neighborhood
Another Tale

Harder Than Hardcore
Murder On The Shakedown
You Know That I Am Loced

Cold-Blooded Killer

pump this in your ride!

The single "Comin' Thru Your Neighborhood" comes in a typical G-Funk style, nice, but nothing outstanding..the album got much stronger tracks and also some sick productions. Except the song "What's The Reason (For The Madness)" which features LV, i really enjoy the whole album and it's really sad it never came out. On "Low Down Mission" and "Cold-Blooded Killer" Jel gets some SSC Fam support on the Microphone (Prodeje, Westside, Hot Dolla?). In '93 DJ Ace made a Remix for Ice-T's "That's How I Am Livin'" and produced "I Mo Nigga N Da Paint" and "Cold Young Niggaz" for Havoc & Prodeje on the Album "Livin In A Crime Wave" and Jel is featured on the cut "Muthafucca Say What". One year later in '94 DJ Ace made the scratches on the second South Central Cartel Album "'N Gatz We Truss" and Jel appeared on the second Havoc & Prodeje Album "Kickin Game" on the joints "M-Squads Nation Wide" and "G'z Only" and Dj Ace produced "Pop Goz The 9" for Gripsta which was available as 12" single. In 1995 Jel rhymes on "No Peace" along with Ice-T, Spice 1, Boss & Treach on the S.C.C. Presents Murder Squad Nationwide Album. DJ Ace produced half of the songs from Ice-T's "VI: Return Of The Real" in '96 and Jel raps on the tunes "Bouncin' Down The Strezeet" and "Syndicate 4 Ever". 1997 was the year Rhyme Poetic Mafia returned with their second single "Knuckleheadz Beware / Stick And Move" 12" on Breakaway Records and one year later they released their second Album entitled "The Root Of All Evil". In '99 DJ Ace was the main producer for Ice-T's Album "Seventh Deadly Sin" and Jel got a guest feature on the track "Fuck It". Through the years DJ Ace production credits expanded and he also worked with: King T, Kurupt, Sen Dog, B Real, Chino Xl, LV, Sick Jacken, Frost, Trigga the Gambler, Smoothe da Hustler, J-Ro, The Mexakinz, Body Count, Phil da Agony, Rakaa, Gutterfame.


jevdet hat gesagt…

Only 1 dope track damn:( but thanx for da knowledge!

flybugs hat gesagt…

this is an awesome post about rhyme poetic mafia. thank you for uploading this album. i havent heard this in like almost 25 years.I actually got to hear a bunch of demos aka tracks that didnt make the album.my cuzin was with powerlord jel and he used to let me listen to all there unreleased tracks. i want dj ace to release a song called you better send an apb. it was a sick song,had this guitar riff that sounded amazing. there was another song i remember that had on the hook it said kick kick it to him man and he also sampled you are now about to witness the strength of street knowledge. I hope all the R.P.M songs get released on the net.i know dj ace has to have them on casette or somewhere.

Southern California hat gesagt…

Please re-upload, would love to play this