Peace! I want to inform y'all that i started a small record label with 2 friends (Verge & PG023). We are specialized in pressing up mainly demos, lost or unreleased hip hop music from the 90s era on wax. But there will be also some 80s material and Cassette and CD releases in the future. We just got our first release out, we pressed the first album from Gee Rock & Da CND Coalition titled "Strait Outta Jerzee" on wax. This year in february i presented this man's biography & discography on my blog, you can look here. I wrote there will be some upcoming releases from his archive on vinyl and finally here is the first one from a series of Gee Rock releases on our label.
Originally this album came out in '93 only on cassette and only a few copies were made, most of them are lost and unfortunatley also the masters got lost, so we had no other chance to source from a cassette which was also in bad shape. We did our best to restore and remaster the material, let's say it straight the quality is not perfect and it was a tough decision if we do it, especially to choose it as our debut release. We had apprehensions people will not enjoy it because of the sound quality, but at the end we thought we enjoy it and there will be more people who will enjoy it, despite the quality and if we don't do it now, maybe this great album get lost forever. Now 20 years later we present 12 tracks for the first time on vinyl. We had to leave out 2 tracks, the intro, skits and outro to make it all fit on one vinyl. We are thinking about a 7" with the 2 remaining tracks, we also thought about a cassette or CD version with the full album, we see..since the original cassette came without a J-card and the only information like artist, year and tracklist was printed on the cassette, we also had to restore a old Gee Rock logo and rebuild a "Strait Outta Jerzee" Tag which i spotted on a T-Shirt which he was wearing on a picture from '93. We took a picture from him which was also from that time, incorporated the artwork and turned it into a Stickercover. My goal was is to make it look like a original record cover from '93. We pressed 300 copies with stickercover, 200 black and 100 caramel swirl colored. you better be quick, the colored copies are already gone on the first day. stay tuned for more upcoming releases on Heavy Jewelz. We got mad stuff in the pipeline :) a big THANK YOU to Derek and my two label mates.

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